Thermage Skin Tightening Procedures

Thermage Skin tightening is often a completely noninvasive procedure that's clinically proven to tighten skin, enhance tone, contour and texture.

This skin tightening treatment functions through tightening the existing collagen as well as stimulating brand new collagen growth, this means that improvements are not just instantly visible but may continue for up to six months. The procedure is regularly done in the single session that requires between 20 minutes and two hours depending on the location that is to be handled. Recovery is fast, and pain free.

Do I need Thermage?

As we age our skin loses natural moisture and elasticity when our collagen molecules breakdown resulting in the wrinkled, lined and dry skin texture.

Thermage Skin Tightening is suitable for all skin types and colourings. The procedure will refresh skin by working for the current collagen making it tighter and stimulating brand new growth. The result are going to be smoother tighter skin that will look younger and less wrinkled or lax.

Ladies between the ages of 35-60 typically have the ideal and most predictable final results, although a consultation will be able to determine predicted individual outcomes.

How does the Thermage treatment work?

Facial skin is made up from Three layers - The external layer (the epidermis), a collagen- rich underlayer (the dermis) and an internal layer beneath the dermis (the subcutaneous layer - also known as the fat layer) that has a web of collagen fibres running by means of it.

Thermage is a only non invasive procedure available that tightens and renews your skin's collagen in all 3 layers. By employing unique Capacitive Radiofrequency (CRF) technology that safely heats your skin's collagen, your skin will immediately tighten and turn out to be smoother in texture and tone. Brand new collagen growth will mean that the outcomes will still appear over time.

Typically, the total treatment will take from 20 minutes to two hours, depending on the procedure region. General anesthesia isn't necessary, but to ensure you're secure the doc may offer light pain medications before treatment.

What {does the Thermage procedure feel like?~What does Thermage feel like?~Does Thermage hurt?}

As the CRF energy is delivered to the epidermis and underlying tissue a brief deep heating feeling is going to be experienced. This deep heating feeling can be an sign that collagen is reaching useful temperatures for tightening.

The surface from the skin is cooled before, throughout, and following each application of CRF energy, this will safeguard the skin and make the procedure added comfortable.

After Thermage

After the Thermage Skin Rejuvenation Procedure, the skin may be slightly red or swollen for a day or two. But most persons resume regular activities immediately after procedure, and unlike surgery there's no downtime or special follow-up care at your medical spa or laser clinic.

Following the treatment, you should continue to see improvements to your skin as a result of the production of new and increased collagen, as well as some additional contouring effects due to continued tightening over time. These effects will continue for up to six months.

What's the cost?

The price of this treatment is dependent on the size of areas requiring remedy. Following an initial consultation, you will be advised of the price.

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